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OUR VISION: Health, Healing and Well-Being for All OUR MISSION: To build healthier communities by collaborating with key partners to serve vulnerable people. INSPIRATION AND IDENTITY IMA believes all people are children of God and thus deserve to lead healthy and productive lives. Our vision of health, healing and well-being for all is based on the Christian call to serve one another. The founding members of IMA, Protestant Churches and church-based organizations, chose to be intentionally ecumenical to provide health services and to build healthy communities around the world. We can do more together than alone; that spirit of joint action remains foundational to IMA today. IMA believes the core ecumenical imperatives are unity and respect for all faiths and traditions. CORE VALUES Organizational Excellence We believe the most effective programs must be contextually innovative and evidence-based. IMA delivers technical expertise, strong operational and management approaches, and a culture of continual learning to develop the most effective results-driven programs. Stewardship and Accountability We conduct all financial and programmatic matters with transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness. IMA is a responsible, reliable, and wise steward of all resources it receives and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and financial standards. Empowering Partnerships We believe the way to achieve sustainable development is to be in full and mutual partnership with local people, organizations and governments. IMA works with all partners without regard to race, religion, politics, gender or sexual orientation. Serving Vulnerable People and Populations We stand in solidarity with those in need, recognizing and respecting that each individual has the right to be an agent of positive change in his/her own life. IMA supports this right through serving the needs of the vulnerable in our world. DIRECTIONAL GOALS Health System Strengthening IMA builds integrated, holistic and sustainable health systems that increase access to quality health care, with an emphasis on vulnerable people. Partnerships IMA collaborates with local, national and international partners, especially faith-based networks and organizations, to join and leverage assets, resources, knowledge and voices. Technical Excellence IMA designs and implements innovative and effective technical approaches that demonstrate long-term, measurable improvements and impact on individual and community health. Organizational Health IMA invests in developing people, partners, continual learning and systems to maximize organizational impact on health care and the systems to sustain those improvements.

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