Youth Empowerment Through Agriculture (YETA)

YETA builds upon the successes of NCBA CLUSA's Uganda Conservation Farming Initiative (UCFI) -- a successful USDA-funded program in Northern Uganda that took a value chain approach to increasing smallholder farmer profitability through conservation farming. The YETA Consortium will draw on a network of Producer Organizations (POs) and Youth Associations (YAs) as an entry point to train, mentor, and provide employment opportunities for 26,250 at-risk and unemployed/ underemployed youth in four districts of Northern Uganda: Dokolo, Kiryandongo, Kole, and Masindi. YETA seeks to catalyze a more organized rural youth sector, gaining new skills, being supported by mentors and networks, leveraging entrepreneurship opportunities through farm and non-farm enterprises, and reaping the social and economic benefits of their efforts.


YETA will establish and strengthen youth associations (YAs), bolster the wellbeing and confidence of YA members through trainings in core skills, increase member access to financial services, and instill the technical and entrepreneurial proficiency critical to launching a business.

Cross-cutting issues

youth development, economic growth


  • Uganda>Dokolo
  • Uganda>Masindi


  • Agriculture
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