Supporting the Efforts of Partners Activity (STEPs)

A five-year $12.5 million program, funded by USAID through the Global Civil Society Strengthening Leader with Associates award, STEPS will work to develop a more capable and effective civil society in Malawi. The program will drive inclusion to ensure that all voices are heard and all stakeholders engaged, accelerate partnerships and train emerging leaders and local organizations to be architects of change. The partnerships established will help civil society organizations become an integral participant in addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges that exist in the country today.


The program will work directly with local civil society organizations across the country, providing organizational capacity development and service delivery grants to help create stronger responses to some of Malawi’s most urgent needs, including HIV/AIDS, malaria and disabilities. STEPS contributes to the USAID Country Development and Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for 2013-2018 and is aligned with the Republic of Malawi’s National Strategies and Action Plans, including the National Response to HIV/AIDS and National AIDS Commission (NAC).


  • Malawi


  • Health
  • Human Rights Democracy and Governance
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