Syria: The Refugee Crisis

Four years after the start of the conflict in Syria (March 2011), chaos reigns and the human toll is horrifying: more than 220,000 have been killed - half are believed to be civilians; 1.5 million have been wounded; 4 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries or are risking their lives to get to Europe; and over 7 million Syrians are internally displaced. According to UNOCHA, 12 million people - more than half the pre-conflict population of 23 million - are in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria.


Doctors of the World (DotW) is supporting over 30 medical facilities inside Syria and has programs in more than 17 countries from the Middle East, across the Mediterranean, and throughout Europe in response to the current crisis. In Syria and neighboring countries Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, DotW is providing critical emergency and primary medical care, mental health care, and sexual and reproductive care. During the first half of 2015 (January - June), DotW provided care to 228, 981 patients in Syria alone. DotW works closely with 10 local and international partners, and has a team of 249 on the ground in the region.

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Snapshot of DotW's activities in the region: SYRIA – In Syria, DotW is active in Aleppo, Idlib and Der’a. In the 3-month period from April to June of this year, our team treated 116,997 patients in 25 MdM supported health facilities. They provided an additional 35,026 consultations in 9 MdM stand-alone facilities. JORDAN – In May 2015, the DotW team in Jordan launched a mobile clinic in the rural area of Ramtha, focusing on Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians. In just 90 days, the team has carried out 28,496 primary healthcare consultations, including 2,666 sexual and reproductive health consultations and 1,619 mental health consultations. LEBANON – DotW conducted 26,345 consultations for women and children from April to June of 2015, including 4,906 sexual and reproductive health consultations. The estimated 1.17 million refugees in Lebanon comprise over 25% of the total population. TURKEY – From April to June of 2015, the DotW team in Turkey treated 6,144 patients in the Syrian border town of Reyhanli. DotW also cared for a total of 7,283 Iraqi refugees in clinics in Diyarbakir, Batman and Sirnak.


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