Residential Care Facility & Autonomy Project in Honduras

Feed the Children’s four-pillar approach to community development does more than provide food—it teaches and empowers children, parents, care providers, and their communities to reverse malnutrition and defeat hunger. The four pillars of our child-focused community development program are Food & Nutrition, Health & Water, Education, and Livelihoods.


● Founded in 1996 in La Ceiba, Honduras, Casa del Niño is a residential care facility for 39 disadvantaged boys between the ages of 7 and 18. The objective of the center is to improve the quality of life for the boys through provision of a home, meals, health care, education, counseling, skills training, art, sports, and community. Through encouragement and loving caregivers, the boys are able to discover their passions to prepare them for a successful life. ● The Autonomy Project is for boys who have aged out of the residential care facility (18 to 21 years old), but who do not have families to return to or are still in need of support from the program. They are offered education in vocational skills to support themselves outside of the program. This project currently hosts 5 boys.

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The above reports data from the fiscal year 2016 for Feed the Children.

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