The project will be implemented in fifteen villages in both Longido and Samanjiro District. The villages are Losokonoi, Lolbene, Namalulu, Kitwai A, Kitwai B, Londekesi and Lerumo in Simajilo District, Matale A, Matale B, Ilichangisepukin, Gelai Lumbwa, Magadini, Mairowa, Orkejuloongishu and Eworendeke in Longido District. These villages were selected taking into account their vulnerability in terms of food security, the absence of another actor in development that is leading a major program focused on food security. The table below summarizes the target populations. At the program level, the project will contribute to a higher and more sustainable income used for nutrition and improved local availability of food for 9000 HH in 15 villages in Simanjiro and Longido districts, particularly for 40% of the impoverished HHs - Women and Youth. The project’s specific objective will aim at households having their livestock Livelihoods secured and can benefit more from livestock products. Two sub results will be addressed which are (i) Equitable access and sustainable use of livestock resources securing a progressive form of pastoralism and (ii) Improved productivity and quality of animals and the safety of their products.


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