The project “Mayurbhanj Socio-Economic development project through Livestock Support” will be implemented in the district of Mayurbhanj, Odisha of India within Heifer India’s program framework. The state of Odisha is the poorest in India, with a per capita income that is 70% less than the rest of the country, at about US$0.75 per day. In respect of other social and human development indicators too, the state’s performance has been poor. Women, especially, live with in extreme poverty with poor nutrition, low literacy rates, and severe social discrimination. They face further problems with the high population density and lack of land area to plant crops, as well as frequent floods which often damage or destroy the crops they have planted. Through this project, participating families will achieve sustainable livelihoods through joining together in Producer company/cooperatives and participating in the goat value chains. This project will work with 20,000 families (women) 5000 of whom are original families and 15,000 exponential POG families. The women will be organized into 1,000 SHGs with 20 members each. These groups will be engaged in savings of about $0.5 to $ 1.5 every month by every member. In this project 5,000 original families will receive goats so that each family will have a herd size of 4 goats. The original families receive goats and after one and half year when the kids are grown up they pass on to the POG group members. As supplementary income source the project participants will be provided with vegetable seeds, seedlings, fodder seeds and saplings. This project will also concentrate on providing trainings to the participants to improve their skills and knowledge. All the groups ( OG and POGs) members will be given trainings on Heifer's Cornerstones, SHG management, Improved Animal Management, Gender Sensitization, Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction(CBDRR), Nutrition and Hygiene, Producer company/cooperative management, Kitchen Gardening and Fodder Production. All the project families will be organized into community based institutions such as SHGs, Producer company/cooperative. Business hubs will be formed, which will act as center for business transactions and strengthening farmers’ position in the value chain. These business hubs will facilitate goat selling and other products to the market.


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