Holistic Development Project- Nepal

Holistic development of rural communities through intervention of integrated approach in areas around Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihood, Community Based Natural Resources Management and Community and Reproductive Health as core thematic areas which are complimented by cross cutting themes around Gender Equity and Local Capacity Building. It will contribute towards national development priorities of sectors relevant to the project’s core and cross cutting themes.


Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihood - Lead farmer promotion - Organic Farming ( Vegetable cultivation especially in kitchen gardening) - Income Generation Activities- Goat Farming, Mushroom cultivation, pig farming - System of Rice Intensification (SRI) - Liquid Pesticides and Organic fertilizer preparation and used - Animal Shed Improvement and urine collection - Promotion of vermi compost and compost Community Based Natural Resources Management - Agro-forestry (promotion of fodder trees and forage grasses) - Promotion of plastic pond (Rain Water harvest and waste water management) - Nursery Management of fodder trees and forage grass Community and Reproductive Health - Awareness/orientation on issues related to C&RH such as Nutrition, Sanitation and Hygiene, Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS - Waste Management - Promotion of smokeless stoves - Health Camp

Additional information

-155 farmers established kitchen garden and grew seasonal vegetables, which saved them around NPR 4000 – 4500/month from buying vegetables; consuming green vegetables added nutrition in their daily diet; -110 farmers involved in producing vegetables on a commercial scale that fetched them NPR 3000-4000 through selling surplus vegetable in nearby local market; - 66 members prepared vermin compost -834 members expanded area for fodder grass/trees -556 members participated in orientation on nutrition - 466 members participated in orientation on Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS - Five health camp organized and 1030 member received service in health camp -58 improved cooking stoves installed in new community

Cross-cutting issues

Gender and Local Capacity Building


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  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Gender
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