Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief

ART is partnering with local evangelical churches in Baracoa and the entire Guantanamo province to provide meals, repair homes, provide clean water and distribute economic aid to those affected by the storm. Food can be purchased from nearby farmers and cities which were not damaged by the storm, and soon we hope to get permission to bring containers of pre-packaged dehydrated meals of rice & soybean from the U.S. to assist the victims. We hope to immediately provide relief supplies and meals to 1,200 victims a day, and then collaborate with the local churches to impact 30,000 with disaster supplies, roofing materials, mattresses, clothing and food. ART has also pledged to assist in the rebuilding of hundreds of homes and more than 30 church buildings that have suffered severe or total damage.


Most Urgent Needs The most urgent needs are: roofing materials, mattresses, clothing, and food. Right now they need to go to Santiago de Cuba and Holguin to access food, not much food left in Baracoa and Maisi. We have some food stored in secured and safe warehouses located in central Cuba away from the damaged areas this food will be distributed ASAP. We have pledges from food manufacturers in the US and permission for up to 10 containers. Relief Supplies Needed: We have now deployed disaster teams throughout the eastern provinces to conduct specific damage assessments, the teams are made up of members of the Los Pinos Nuevos and the two Baptists Conventions. Typical relief supplies are usually shelter materials, blankets, hygiene kits, household items, and water purification equipment-for Cuba it will be difficult to ensure they are available to help the communities affected with emphasis on Baracoa.

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Sent container of food, disaster relief blankets, and supported 20 community kitchens for the victims in Baracoa and Maisi, Cuba.


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