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World Concern will facilitate the communities in three villages to be aware of and responsive to the needs and opportunities in their villages by empowering them to go through a transformational development cycle. This focuses on awareness raising of needs, mobilization and capacity building. Sustainable governance will be built through participative village planning and monitoring, Village Development Committee (VDC) capacity building, and the action learning of community small groups as they are supported to implement their own micro projects. Youth empowerment to be active citizens will be promoted through youth clubs, awareness raising campaigns and service learning initiatives that will enable them to be active change agents in their communities. These service learning initiatives will include ways that youth can safely explore and tell the story of the social issues that they face, using communications media that will also enable youth in the USA to play a role of walking alongside them in a way that replicates the cycle of transformation.


  • Laos


  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution/Peace and Security
  • Protection
  • Gender
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