Indonesia Workforce Development

• Provide local and international Short-Term Technical Assistance primarily in support of Task III: Provision of Technical Assistance to IWD Pilot Implementers, Partners, and stakeholders. This includes provision of expertise in areas such as soft-skills development, curriculum development, youth outreach and engagement, youth entrepreneurship, positive youth development, technical skills development, TVET, public private partnership development, among others. Plan will prioritize identification of local Indonesian consultants over international consultants. • Provide supportive local Short-Term Technical Assistance to facilitate collection of baseline data (Task I) in target geographies where Plan has existing networks and presence, working in close partnership with another DAI Partner who will be taking the lead role on baseline research. Plan may also provide international Short-Term Technical Assistance to support development of the beneficiary tracking system. • Provide local and international Short-Term Technical Assistance to facilitate the development of an Indonesia-specific platform that will support beneficiary tracking, allow for customizable access for partner organizations, M&E data gathering, and analysis of information collected in line with project technical needs. • Provide at least 3 long-term local Indonesian staff positions reflecting Plan’s technical expertise in Youth Engagement, Gender and Social Inclusion, and Youth Economic Empowerment and Skills.

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