Improving livelihood resilience of earthquake affected communities in Gorkha

The goal of the project is to improve the livelihoods of earthquake affected smallholder farmers in Gorkha through a livelihood improvement program. The rationale behind development of this project is to make a healthy and prosperous farming community by promoting improved agricultural technology and strengthening value chain based marketing networks. Poverty reduction has been the prime development agenda in Nepal for decades and specific development plans have been implemented to break the poverty cycle. This project addresses the Nepal Government’s agenda by increasing the income of target beneficiaries by increasing agricultural production thereby bringing remarkable reduction in poverty with the following operational objectives: 1. To improve technical skills of farmers and adoption of commercial agriculture and high value crop production. 2. To enhance production and productivity of agricultural commodities for enhancing food security 3. To Increase commercialization of agriculture production, value chain and market management in the project area.


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