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REACH-High’s implementation approach centers on three core strategies to serve at least 302,352 HIV-impacted OVC and 171,238 parents and caregivers across 124 woredas: 1. Support MoWCA to fulfill its stewardship mandate for child welfare at all levels (federal, regional, woreda, kebele), and act as a convener of a multisectoral, gender-sensitive, and contextually appropriate system of care. 2. Foster sustained buy-in, accountability, and participation of all child welfare stakeholders—including children and families—in well-resourced, evidence-informed, and integrated action to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and their families. 3. Using a systems approach to address priority challenges that limit the availability, reach and quality of essential services, support OVC households to achieve self-sufficiency in meeting their basic needs, and greater resilience in responding to shocks. The delivery approach for this project is to implement entirely through Local Implementing Partners (LIPs). FHI360 will manage the budget and budget line for the LIPs, through a tripartite agreement between Plan, FHI360 and the LIP. Therefore Plan’s budget mostly covers training, monitoring and support to LIPs in activity delivery, where the LIP budgets will be dispersed by FHI360.

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