Action Against Hunger's Contribution to the MUSEFO Project

Action Against Hunger’s contribution to the MUSEFO project in Cambodia aims at improving hygiene and nutrition practices in 20 villages in Kampong Thom province thanks to an integrated and participatory approach focusing on women of reproductive age and mothers of children under 2 years of age.


Action Against Hunger is thus responsible for (1) developing the care group approach in the target area (including designing and creating care groups, training care group leaders and support them through regular follow-ups and technical assistance), (2) linking the households’ needs in terms of nutrition and hygiene to community support services, existing infrastructures, and local response strategies, (3) developing toolkits for behavior change in health, nutrition and hygiene, that are adapted to household-level interventions. Finally, Action Against Hunger is producing knowledge to allow capitalization of the activities we implement, but also to support other MUSEFO components, through “technical deliverables” that are systematically linked with each activity package. This extension aims to expand the project over two provinces.

Cross-cutting issues



  • Cambodia>Kampong Thom


  • Health
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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