Osprey Foundation: Protecting Water Resources in Colombia's Coffee Regions

The overarching project goal is to reduce water pollution in the upstream community of Las Hermosas impacting the San Jorge Sub-watershed in the municipality of Chaparral (Tolima Department) associated with a growing coffee production sector. The San Jorge Sub-watershed feeds the Amoya River that is the main source of water for households in the downstream Chaparral urban area of approximately 30,000 people. By introducing best practices, knowledge and new technologies for improved water and waste management and also for reduced environmental degradation, the project's three objectives will be: 1) To reduce pollution in the San Jorge´s Sub-watershed derived from untreated water from coffee farming; 2) To reduce pollution related to animal and human waste due to malfunctioning disposal systems and practices that pours into the sub-watershed, and 3) To decrease pollution from ecosystem degradation. All three objectives include outputs that will promote an enabling environment for sustainable watershed management in emerging coffee producing regions of Tolima in ways that entice continued investment and commitment among a wide set of stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement meetings will include representatives from public sector, private sector, and civil society stakeholders.


  • Colombia


  • Environment
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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