Disaster Resilience through Alternative Livelihood Approach

The focus of the project is to build community disaster resilience through empowering the targeted communities and mainstreaming Risk Reduction Action Plans (RRAPs) into the local development plan. Every year, communities face cyclones, tidal surge, saline invasion, sea level rise, and river erosion which hamper their normal livelihoods. Due to climate change, the frequency, intensity and probability of these hazards increase, causing people to lose their traditional livelihoods based on agriculture and sea fishing. The project introduces diversification of sustainable livelihood options. It enhances committed, effective and accountable leadership for risk reduction and engages the community and the local government in disaster risk reduction and preparedness measures. It strengthens the capacity of women, mobilizing them in self-help groups, and builds local capacity for alternative livelihood initiatives through income-generating activities.


  • Bangladesh


  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Economic Recovery and Development
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