SRL-IFC ADVISORY PROGRAM: COVID 19 Support for Adolescent Girls

The objective of this assignment is to train at least 45 adolescent girls (at least 4-5 per villages) on soapmaking and selling in at least 10 villages (Gbangama, Lunghi, Junctiola, Higima, Sahun, Matagaleme, Lanti, Mogbwemo, Moriba Town, Kpetema) within the Bonthe and Moyamba districts. In addition, this assignment will support the adolescent girls by providing selected livelihood and related activities as part of a curriculum on life skills, sexual health, GBV and gender equality and opportunities. Goals: a. 50 Training events for groups of 4 to 5 girls with four training reports, one for each of the four training topics including participant feedback b. Training modules for commercialization of soap production, entrepreneurship and lifeskills training


  • Sierra Leone>Southern


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Protection
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