Resilient Livelihoods, Food Systems and Peace Building

The ongoing crisis in South Sudan has continued to cause increased insecurity along commercial supply corridors, market fragmentation, food and fuel price inflation, risks of cattle raiding, limitations or changes on mobility for livestock, fishing and hunting migrations and conflict-related displacement. The conflict has led to the establishment of Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps or the absorption of IDPs within host communities, placing an additional burden on the already weakened livelihoods of local communities. Already reeling from widespread food insecurity, years of civil unrest and climatic shocks, including a dire food security outlook after floods affected nearly a million people in 2020, South Sudan has now been hit by swarms of desert locust, that threaten to spread and ravage crop and grazing lands. The aim of the program is to save lives, protect livelihoods, enhance food production and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities by building their coping capacity. As such, the program sets the foundation for enhancing the long-term adaptive capacity of communities and strengthening synergies among the activities World Concern and its partner will pursue towards building resilience.


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