Expanding the Informed Push Model for Family Planning in Senegal

IntraHealth International, in collaboration with the Senegal Ministry of Health, is expanding access to—and use of—family planning by reducing contraceptive stockouts. The project is implementing the informed push model (IPM), which reinvests proceeds from clients’ contraceptive purchases back into the public contraceptive supply system to ensure the constant flow and availability of products. By making a wide range of family planning commodities available, IPM supports women to more freely choose the FP methods they want at affordable prices. The model also generates data on the consumption of family planning commodities, which can then be used to inform and improve how health services are provided.


1. Develop a plan to extend IPM nationwide, incorporating national guidelines and based on lessons learned from the IPM pilot. 2. Implement IPM jointly with the Ministry of Health and Social Action (MOHSA) through a phased approach. 3. Collaborate with stakeholders to develop and implement a coherent strategy to capture and use health data to improve the quality and availability of family planning in Senegal. 4. Integrate IPM into all MOHSA departments.


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